Nan Goldin is a Very Important Artist Right Now

This year’s ArtReview Power 100 list puts the 70-year-old photographer Nan Goldin at the top of the list. Goldin is a revolutionary artist who works in many different fields. Last year’s list didn’t have any artists in the top 10. This year, all 10 are artists who use their art to talk about important social and political issues.

Nan Goldin: A look at history for the first time

Nan Goldin is a Very Important Artist Right Now

It has been a form of protest for Nan Goldin to take pictures of LGBTQ+ groups and the AIDS crisis. “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency,” her best work from the 1980s, is a picture book story that takes place in Boston, New York, Berlin, and Mexico, among other places. This book has stories about friends and strangers that are linked by beaches, bars, and cars.

Nan Goldin: From making art to doing things

In 2017, Goldin started Pain (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now) to fight the terrible opioid problem in the US. This was a big change in her life. She was addicted to OxyContin herself and has been a steady force in getting museums to cut ties with the Sackler family, who played a major role in the epidemic. Because of her influence, the Sackler name has been taken off of many places around the world.

The Power of Personal Stories

Goldin is different because she brings people close to her and campaigns for public causes in a way that has inspired a new breed of artists. She has an impact on more than just art museums. She also challenges governments and business backers.

Bringing Other Art to Light The Horizon Stars 8. Bruce Willis, a British director and artist, used his work to bring attention to the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower.

  1. Rirkrit Tiravanija is a Thai artist who is very good at making art that brings people together.
  2. The German artist Hito Steyerl makes powerful videos that show how complicated global business is.

Nan Goldin: Cutting Edge Artists

This year’s Power 100 has a lot of artists on it, which shows how important they are. Some of the big issues they have to deal with are climate change, the environment, Indigenous rights, the past of colonization, and new technologies.

There are artists who work as curators and culture architects.

It’s just as important for curators to show art as it is for artists. The way people talk about many things changes because of their work at big biennials and triennials, such as the environment (Lucia Pietroiusti at 65) and colonial histories (Natasha Ginwala at 94).

How Art Can Help Your Business

In the art world, art shows and sellers are also growing in importance. Important steps are being taken by well-known artists like Larry Gagosian and art show groups like Frieze and Art Basel.

Who Makes the Choices and How Things Change

Forty different people from all over the world pick who makes the Power 100 list. The fact that the ruangrupa group from Indonesia won first place last year shows how the art world is always changing.

Last but not least, Nan Goldin stands out because she uses her lens as both an artistic tool and a powerful force for change. Because they use both advocacy and personal stories, these artists are not just makers; they are also architects who change how people talk about big problems in society. The stage is set, and the new art world leaders are happy to change the plot.

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